Sunday, May 27, 2007

What's next ?

I finally finished my last loop through levels 2 and 3. I'm quite happy with my score (98,0% for level 2, 97,8% for level 3), so now it's time to start with level 4 ! I think I will do my first loop very slow (10 problems each day), so there will be some time left for other chess related things :

  • Opening repertoire (Kings Gambit, GPA, Nf6 Scandinavian, Dutch Defense).
  • Study master games
  • Endgames (Silman's Complete Endgame Course + Polgars Endgame Brick)
  • Positional play (reassess your chess)
  • play chess (FICS + FICGS) and analyze my games
  • Last but not least, reading the blogs of the other knights. Especially Tempo's research on the thinking / learning process is very interesting.


Blue Devil Knight said...

That's some fast progress: cool! Keep on chuggin'!

likesforests said...

Great progress, Sir Piño.

Phil Willis said...

Congratulations on the progess so far!

If you're looking for some tips of what helps you "get through" the tough circles 4 to 7, check out my 8 steps to guarantee you finish the seven circles posting.

Best of luck with circle 4!